[ACCEPTED]-Can I do a swipe (left or right) in Chrome (PC) with a mouse?-jquery-mobile

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By now the actual chrome developer tools 6 (tried chrome 20) can emulate touch and 5 swipe events. You can activate that behavior 4 through the tool options, accessible via 3 the little gear-wheel in the bottom corner.

Just 2 check "Emulate touch events" from the options. Then 1 you can also swipe with your mouse.

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In desktop browsers I tend to use the right 13 mouse button testing swipes. It will open 12 a context-menu but it actually works (I 11 normally use Chrome 17 and Firefox 10).

For 10 instance when left-clicking and then swiping 9 on an image in Chrome or Firefox it selects 8 the image and you are then moving around 7 the transparent thumbnail of the image. But 6 when right-clicking and swiping the swipe 5 event is fired.


This update is pretty late 4 to the punch but this just shouldn't be 3 necessary anymore. In fact the Chrome developer 2 tools (the ones I'm used to using) have 1 gotten a lot better about emulating devices.

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A lot of the answers here are old and out 9 of date. As of Chrome 63, swipe is built-in 8 as long as you are in responsive mode with 7 developer tools open. So open Developer 6 Tools (3 dots->tools->developer tools), then 5 click the phone/tablet icon on the left 4 to put Chrome into a mobile mode. Then 3 if you left click and hold, you will see 2 the cursor changed to a dot, and you can 1 swipe.

Score: 9

Update: this appears to be enabled in Chrome by default (37.0.2062.120 as of September 2014) you do the following:

  1. Open Developer Tools
  2. Click the little phone icon next to the search icon in the upper left (next to the Elements tab)
  3. In the Emulation tab on the bottom choose a device model from the drop down

Previous answer:

To get this working in the 2 current version of Chrome (32.0.1700.107 1 as of Feb 2014) you do the following:

  1. Open Developer Tools
  2. Click the gear icon in the upper right
  3. Select the Overrides tab on the left
  4. Click on Show 'Emulation' view in console drawer
  5. Close the Settings popup
  6. Open the Console (button to the left of the gear)
  7. Click the Emulation tab in the console (next to Console and Search)
  8. Choose a device and click on Emulate (and click Reset to cancel emulation)

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