[ACCEPTED]-Recover a deleted repository github issues-recovery

Accepted answer
Score: 70

You need to email support@github.com as soon as possible when 1 this happens.

Score: 40

I accidentally deleted our main GitHub repository 3 instead of my own fork. I emailed support@github.com like 2 Paul Betts suggested.

After about 10 minutes the support replied 1 and the original repository was recovered.

Score: 3

I accidentally deleted my important repository 12 and when tried the above-suggested methods, got 11 to know that the process has been updated.

Please 10 follow the steps provided in the link to 9 recover the repository all by yourself. Link 8 - https://docs.github.com/en/github/administering-a-repository/restoring-a-deleted-repository

Note - You can only restore repositories that 7 have no forks or have not been forked. (As 6 per mentioned under Settings >> Repositories 5 >> Deleted Repositories section)

Also, for 4 any Github-related support requests, one 3 needs to raise the support request through 2 Github's support website. Link - https://support.github.com/ (works 1 for any GitHub related support)

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