[ACCEPTED]-How do I stage all files at once in Git Gui?-git-gui

Accepted answer
Score: 62


Select the items (select top one hit shift, select 2 bottom one) and hit CTRL T

Or go to commit -> stage 1 to commit

Score: 4

Quite late, but one method is to add an 3 option in the 'Tools' menu.

  1. Click 'Tools'>Add...
  2. Name it whatever you want (I chose 'add all')
  3. In the 'Command' field, type git add *
  4. Optionally check the boxes to remove a dialog window, output window, and global configuration.
  5. Click the Add button in the bottom right.

Now, click Tools>Add 2 all and all changes will be staged. Hope 1 this helps!

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