[ACCEPTED]-Git Submodule to a subfolder-git-submodules

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Score: 26

Git does not support partial checkouts, so 9 the submodule must point to a complete repository.

This thread on the Git mail list provides 8 some background information.

This article from Panther Software offers some 7 insight from someone else trying to accomplish 6 a similar goal (i.e. replicate svn:externals using Git).

If 5 both projects are under your control, then 4 I suggest you isolate the "subfolder" that 3 you interested in to its own standalone 2 repo. Then both projects can create submodules 1 that link to it.

Score: 22

I'm running into the same issue. It doesn't 5 look solvable from a git level, at least 4 not in a way that lets you easily pull or 3 push to the parent repo.

However, you can 2 work around this limitation by using a simple 1 symlink:

  1. Set up your submodule in a separate directory.
    • git submodule add http://example.com/repo.git ./submodules/repo
  2. Create a symlink to the subfolder in the place you want:
    • ln -s ./submodules/repo/subdirectory ./wherever/symlinked_directory


Score: 3

Usually when you're trying to extract a 8 subfolder of some other project, that subfolder 7 should be a separate project in the first 6 place, and both parent projects should be referring 5 to it.

You can extract such a subproject's 4 history using a tool like git subtree. Then you can 3 link the subtree back into your project 2 using either git submodule or git subtree, whichever 1 you prefer.

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