[ACCEPTED]-git pull from clean directory has merge conflicts-git

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Your working directory may be clean, but 7 you have one or more commits that you have 6 made locally that are not on the server. When 5 you pull, git tries to merge these local 4 commits with the ones on the server, but 3 since they modify the same area of the code, they 2 conflict.

Your options here basically boil 1 down to:

  1. Fix the conflicts. You tell git how to handle the conflicting changes, and move on.
  2. Rebase and fix the conflicts, with git pull --rebase. This is not much different from 1, but if your changes have never been published (ie, they've never been pushed, ever), this may get you a cleaner (linear) history.
  3. Discard your local changes and use the remote's, with git reset --hard remotename/remotebranch. This will lose any changes you have committed locally but not pushed elsewhere.
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Pull, resolve the merge conflicts and commit? Even 4 if you have a clean working directory, if 3 you have committed some work, that is conflicting 2 with the incoming changes, you get a merge 1 conflict.

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Adding to bdonlan answer, it can happen when you 7 have some commits (on your local repository), but 6 the remote repository is ahead (had some 5 progress comparing to your local committed 4 files).

I just got stuck when I could not 3 push nor pull due to those conflicts.

Tried 2 to do 'rebase' or 'reset --hard' with no luck.

The only solution worked for me was to go back one commit and pull;

Follow the 1 next steps:

Warning: this is a destructive operation which will cause you losing your last changes to this code, so backup your changes first!

  1. Use 'git log' on your local repository and compare this to the commits log on the remote - to understand which one of your commits was not pushed
  2. Use 'git reset --hard' to go back to the last time your code fit to the remote repository (I used 'git reset --hard HEAD^' to deliberately lose my previous commit)
  3. Now 'git pull' will work; use it to get the latest code from the remote server

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