[ACCEPTED]-Trouble on setting the git 'core.editor'-osx-snow-leopard

Accepted answer
Score: 32

The easiest way is to change the environment 13 variable EDITOR to point to mate. In your 12 .bash_profile add the following:

export EDITOR="/usr/local/bin/mate -w"

and re-start your terminal 11 session, or source the .bash_profile.

As for your error 10 message:

error: More than one value for the key core.editor: mate

it means you've added multiple core.editor 9 lines in your .gitconfig.

Use mate ~/.gitconfig to modify 8 your .gitconfig and remove the extra lines, or if 7 you don't mind unsetting all of them use:

git config --global --unset-all core.editor

Then 6 use

git config --global --add core.editor "/usr/local/bin/mate -w"

then you can leave $EDITOR set to what it was 5 previously set to.

If mate is not located in 4 /usr/local/bin find where it is first by using type mate (in bash, not 3 sure about other shells)

Since you want to 2 use open as your $GIT_EDITOR you will need the following:

-W  Causes open to wait until the applications it opens (or that were already open) have exited.  Use with the -n flag to allow open to function as an appropriate app for the $EDITOR environment variable.

-n  Open a new instance of the application(s) even if one is already running.

This 1 will work for that:

 git config --global --unset-all core.editor
 git config --global --add core.editor "open -W -n"
Score: 4

The following works for me:

git config --global core.editor "open -a 'Sublime Text 2' -nW"

Using Mac OSX 2 10.7.4 and Sublime Text 2 Build 2181


I 1 have subl as an alias:

alias subl="/Applications/Sublime\ Text\ 2.app/Contents/SharedSupport/bin/subl"
Score: 2

For what it's worth, here's how I solved 10 it:

1) Run in Terminal:

sudo ln -s /Applications/Sublime\ Text.app/Contents/SharedSupport/bin/subl /usr/local/bin/subl

This adds a subl alias 9 to /usr/local/bin/ pointing to Sublime Text 3 app’s binary 8 file. Now running subl in Terminal will launch 7 Sublime Text 3 app.

2) Run in Terminal:

git config --global core.editor "subl -n -w"

This 6 adds editor = subl -n -w to the [core] section of the ~/.gitconfig file. Now 5 running git commit in Terminal will launch Sublime 4 Text 3 app (subl) in a new window (-n), and the 3 command line will wait (-w) until the commit 2 message is saved.

Official Sublime Text 1 3 doc: http://www.sublimetext.com/docs/3/osx_command_line.html

Score: 1

To get this working for win7, open the .gitconfig 4 file in c:/users/username/ folder and add 3 the following line with --wait option outside 2 the double quotes.

  editor = 'F:/Program Files/Sublime Text 2/sublime_text.exe' --wait

Hope its helpful to win7 1 users

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