[ACCEPTED]-How many github ssh keys do I need for a small dev team?-github

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An SSH key is used for the user to be authenticated 12 and identified into GitHub.

It is common that, for 11 every different device a user uses to access 10 GitHub, he generates a different ssh-key 9 and register/link it to his GitHub's account.

When 8 you control a project, you control access 7 and permissions based on users, and not SSH keys.

So, when 6 you (as a user) setup your git environment 5 you can create only one ssh-key for each 4 machine you would like to give permission 3 to your GitHub's account.


Github now recommends using HTTPS instead of SSH keys but everything 2 in this answer remains valid if you replace 1 all SSH key references above by Github's Personal Access Tokens

Score: 6

Use a key per developer - each dev should 8 generate their own key. This gives you a 7 better indication of who is committing to 6 the repo, and means that you can revoke 5 a developer's commit rights if/when they 4 leave the company. Otherwise they could 3 just copy the shared key, and you would 2 have to re-issue a new one every time you 1 needed to change access rights.

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