[ACCEPTED]-Git repository server I can host locally-git

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Score: 18

You can download and setup Gitorious. It's free open-source 6 git-hosting software. I'm not sure about 5 all the features it has so take a closer 4 look, it might be the right thing for you.

Updated 3 January 2016:

Gitlab is becoming the defacto standard 2 for self-hosted Github clones.

Gogs is a simpler 1 clone that could work well for smaller projects.

Score: 4

Paying for github private hosting seems 8 the quickest way. The network viewer is 7 totally proprietary.

There are patches over 6 on repo.or.cz that add a similar interface as gitk to the vanilla gitweb front end. It is, or at least 5 was when I tried it, a complete pain to 4 set up but is doable for your own projects.

The 3 output is really like gitk, like it or loathe 2 it, so if you are used to that it is familiar 1 at least. Here is the graphical log of git itself.

Score: 4

If you use MacOS, try GitX.


Score: 2

Another option you have these days is http://gitlab.org/

It 4 is open source and free to use. It is based 3 on ruby on rails though, so it might not 2 be available on your average php hosting 1 service.

Score: 1

Git comes with a built-in web view: gitweb. You 2 probably have it already installed as /usr/share/gitweb 1 or somewhere similar.

Score: 1

codeBeamer can be installed on your very own server, as an "intranet GitHub".

It does everything GitHub does: Git repository 7 hosting, workflows and pull requests, issue 6 tracking, wiki, binariy downloads, etc. and 5 more. It doesn't actually have the network 4 graph, as this feature is considered a "nice 3 to have", rather than a "must 2 have" feature among our users.

(Disclaimer: we 1 develop this commercial product.)

Score: 0

Gitblit is an open-source, integrated, pure Java 5 Git server, viewer, and repository manager 4 for small workgroups. The current version 3 (0.5.1) does not support anything like network 2 graph, but its a quick and easy-to-use tool 1 for hosting and browsing git repositories.

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