[ACCEPTED]-How do I profile my emacs configuration?-dot-emacs

Accepted answer
Score: 31

Very useful package: http://www.emacswiki.org/emacs/ProfileDotEmacs

Just skip loading your 2 init file and let ProfileDotEmacs load/profile 1 it for you:

emacs -Q -l profile-dotemacs.el -f profile-dotemacs
Score: 7

Another solution is ESUP, the Emacs Start Up 5 Profiler. It can profile your config file 4 without leaving Emacs - it accomplishes 3 this by starting a new Emacs as a child 2 process, getting profile information from 1 it.

Score: 2

By using divide and conquer, of course!

Drop 6 the bottom half of your .emacs. See if the speed 5 improves. (If so, the culprit is within 4 the bottom half; otherwise it's in the top 3 half.) Restore the working half. Chop off 2 half of the broken half, and repeat the 1 process until you have isolated the problem.

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