[ACCEPTED]-IDEA Community Edition versus Eclipse-intellij-idea

Accepted answer
Score: 14

IDEA is a far better IDE than Eclipse (general 16 opinion by people that use IDEA).

On a feature 15 point of view, everything that IDEA CE can 14 also been done by Eclipse. However, IDEA 13 is a commercial product, which limits its 12 adoption. Thanks to the Community Edition, you 11 can test this IDE for free, in order to 10 develop JavaSE applications (or Scala or 9 Groovy). For an enterprise, this is quite 8 limited, as you will not be able to develop 7 J2EE applications.

My conclusion is that 6 IDEA CE is only a tool that allows you to 5 test and understand the philosophy of this 4 IDE. If you are convinced by IDEA, then 3 you will really have to choose between the 2 Ultimate Edition, which will let develop 1 any kind of applications, or stay with Eclipse.

Score: 4

The best, straight answer to this, is to 5 look at the feature matrix of which features are still 4 left in Ultimate-Edition. Eclipse probably 3 has support for all of these things, although 2 the quality of the integrations can always 1 be an issue.

Score: 0


  • detects unused public fields and methods
  • easy way to run or debug only one test method (you don't need to modify configuration)
  • faster code coverage report generation (at least for EMMA)
  • understand difference between source and test source
  • easier way to manage libs - just include lib dir (in eclipse you have to specify all jars explicitly), so you don't have to update it manually every time when new jar was included


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