[ACCEPTED]-Faster way (keyboard shortcuts?) to use quick fixes in Eclipse?-eclipse

Accepted answer
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Ctrl+1 : Quick Fix.
(Cmd+1 on Mac)

Just put your cursor 7 on the part you suspect you can perform 6 an action (correction, refactoring, ...) and 5 hit the Quick Fix shortcut. The same popup will be 4 displayed, and you can select the right 3 option with the up and down keys.

Europa spell

That, combined 2 with Ctrl+3 (Quick Access) gives you most of eclipse features 1 at your fingertips ;)

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As an additional tip, a specific type of 3 quick fix I use all the time has a dedicated 2 shortcut:

Alt+Shift+J: Add Javadoc comment stub for 1 current method.

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After using ctrl+1 like mentioned in the top 2 answer, press ctrl + enter to apply the selected 1 fix all to problems of the same category.

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In general, keyboard shortcuts in IDEs (and 17 code tools in general) are coming from a 16 user principle that holds that the more 15 your hands/fingers can remain poised over 14 the keyboard (as in the f-j centered "touch 13 typist" position), the more productive you 12 can become. This is probably why the use 11 of the number keypad is not encouraged, or 10 other keys, less common to the most basic 9 layout keyboard, are not used. Many hold 8 that useful keyboard shortcuts should be 7 easily reachable from this position.

One 6 thing I will say about eclipse keyboard 5 shortcuts is that if you use a popular Windows 4 presentation utility called Zoom-it, you 3 need to turn that off when using eclipse. There 2 are several show-stopper conflicts between 1 the two, such as Ctrl-1 and Ctrl-3.

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