[ACCEPTED]-Changing the Resource Location of an existing Eclipse project-eclipse

Accepted answer
Score: 20

The location of a project is the location 6 of its .project file. So you need to delete project 5 (Do NOT select delete content checkbox), then 4 move the .project file to a new location and import 3 the project from there.

Creating new project 2 does pretty much the same except you do 1 not loose any project specifics/types.

Score: 5

Yes. You can do that by using the following 8 option:

On the Project, Right click and select 7 option "Refactor" and then choose the option 6 "Move". This will pop up a dialog box. Specify 5 the folder where you want your project to 4 be.

Once the move operation is successful, your 3 project is moved to a new location and you 2 will see that Resource Location is pointing 1 to a new folder that you have specified.

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