[ACCEPTED]-How to run Eclipse without running JRE installation?-java

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You can run Eclipse by copying the JRE into 5 the eclipse/jre directory (wiki documentation).

The JRE is distributed 4 with the Java JDK (/path/jdk1.6xxx/jre). The JDK uses an installer, but 3 you can just copy this directory from another 2 machine, install and uninstall the JDK or 1 whatever.

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Download the JRE offline installer, right 5 click on it, and have 7zip/winrar/whatever 4 unzip it.

You'll get a folder with a fully 3 funcional JRE, but no install required :)
You 2 might want to read this to run Eclipse with 1 that JRE.

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The browser add on can be disabled per browser, you 6 can copy and re-set your PATH variable and 5 the JAVA_HOME variable, and you can disable 4 the updater in the Java app in the Control 3 Panel of Windows. Registry entries are generally 2 harmless but not too hard to remove.

Also, you 1 could just uninstall after you use it.

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The IBM Development Kit for Eclipse is exactly what 3 you ask for. Eclipse with an JRE bundled 2 in ready to use.


(For the record it is an 1 IBM JVM).

Registration is necessary (urgh).

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No, it can not be done the way you described it. The JRE needs to be installed using the Installer. Why would you be so afraid of installing JRE on your machine? Without it, Eclipse won't work, as it is by itself a Java application and runs in a JVM.

EDIT, Pardon my ignorance. McDowell is right.


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I guess you should take a look on Apache Harmony. I beleive 4 it could be just unpacked to the standalone 3 directory. After that Eclipse could be launched 2 with -vm PATH_TO_JVM option. (In theory)

Hope 1 this helps.

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