[ACCEPTED]-How to change back the perspective after terminating the debugged process in Eclipse?-eclipse

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To complete mark's answer, that option tells 32 Eclipse when to switch to the associated 31 perspective upon program suspension - meaning 30 when a breakpoint is hit, it will switch 29 to Debug perspective.

Switching back to another perspective after you're done debugging has to be:

Debug Perspective Auto Closer

Automatically opens 28 previous perspective when debugging ends.

Behaviors: (configurable: Preferences -> Debug Perspective Auto Closer)

  1. [default] when all debug launches have terminated, changes to perspective active on first launch
  2. when any debug launch has terminated, changes to perspective active on that launch

Java perspective

If 27 you want to avoid it switching to Debug 26 in the first place, you can choose "Never" as 25 the option (introduced in Eclipse 3.2 at 24 the time).

(You can find the given Preferences page 23 in Run/Debug > Perspective)

alt text

If you want to switch back in the situation 22 where the debugged program terminates normally 21 (Not when you want to stop debugging it yourself), you 20 may hope Eclipse figures out that your program 19 terminates normally and switch to a "default" perspective 18 at that time...

However, there is no notion 17 of "default" perspective, so how 16 would Eclipse knows which one to switch 15 to ? (the "Preferences/Perspectives/Make 14 default" is only for the "Open 13 Perspective" dialog, but that may not 12 be the same perspective than the one you 11 actually want to switch back to after a 10 debug)

Open perspective

Also, should Eclipse closes the Debug 9 perspective or just changes to a different 8 one ?
What if there is more than one program 7 running -- when one terminates, you might 6 still be interested in debugging the other 5 one, or maybe not.

The point is, the decision 4 about when to change perspective (and what perspective 3 to change to) is not reasonable for the 2 machine to make -- it requires a person 1 knowing what he wants to do next.

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Ctrl + F8, the default shortcut to change views, reduces 1 the pain a bit.

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I do not think it's possible to have eclipse 3 switch back automatically but you can do 2 it with the click of a button in the top-right 1 of your window

enter image description here

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you would need to write eclipse plugin

here i 1 found example how in plugin switch perspective

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As of 2015, this very basix UI woe is not 13 addressed in Eclipse: the official bug report is assigned (but 12 not fixed).

Fortunately, Sven Ramuschkat and Dirk Eismann wrote a plugin 11 for that: the Perspective Switcher Plugin for Eclipse / Flash Builder

the Plugin will now automatically 10 switch back from a Debug perspective to 9 the previous non-Debug perspective as soon 8 as the Debug session is terminated

It works 7 on Eclipse Luna (and above)


Download the 6 zip file , uncompress and copy the jar file in your 5 eclipse/plugins folder.

Once it's done, you will see a new 4 Preference pane.


Everything is configured for Eclipse 3 to switch back to Java perspective if you have 2 a java or properties file opened when the debugging session 1 ends.

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