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A good trick is also to go into the run 5 configuration dialog in Eclipse, open the 4 Plugins tab and click the "Magic" button 3 "add required bundles", if this marks the 2 window as having unsaved changes you know 1 something was added and it might work :)

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From this thread:
You could start by running your RCP 17 application with a launch configuration 16 including the "-console" command: that 15 will offer you the OSGi console in the "Console" view. This 14 only means that OSGi is running.

Should look 13 like this:


If this is available, just type 12 "ss" (for short status) and hit 11 return. This will result in a list with 10 all your bundles including their status. This 9 information would be good to see in order 8 to track down the problem.

You have also 7 the article "Where Is My Bundle" for further informations.

Check 6 also (especially if you cannot do the above, because 5 the application just does not launch itself 4 and only propose you to see the error logs) the 3 plugins dependencies of your product configuration:
is com.bah.gs.arts.jekyll.plugins.JVLC_Runtime displayed there?

It is often 2 related to an export list problem, as illustrated 1 by this thread.

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