[ACCEPTED]-Jboss Domain deploy reports error: no deployment content with hash XXXX is avaiable in the deployment content repository-jboss7.x

Accepted answer
Score: 13

Go to your standalone.xml .


        <deployment name="xxx.war" runtime-name="xxx.war">
            <content sha1="xxxxxxx"/>

Just remove 1 it and try to restart a server.

Score: 4

Search for jspdemo.war in your standalone.xml 3 and delete the entire deployments tag. May 2 be nice to also delete the content related 1 to jspdemo.war in the deployments folder.

Score: 0

Were you updating from CR1 and maybe are 4 using some old configuration? The deployment 3 location changed in-between. Was: jboss-as-7.1.0.CR1b\domain\content 2 in CR1 and is jboss-as-7.1.0.Final\domain\data\content 1 in final.

Score: 0

In Domain mode the war also needs to be 3 removed from servergroup.

https://access.redhat.com/solutions/356893 (What is use of 2 $JBOSS_HOME/domain/data directory in JBoss 1 EAP 6 ?)

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