[ACCEPTED]-Compare TinyMCE and CKeditor for a Wiki-ckeditor

Accepted answer
Score: 23

I spent some time implementing CKEditor 14 in the last couple days. I've implemented 13 TinyMCE in the past as well. On the positive, it's 12 far more consistent and bug-free than TinyMCE... by 11 which I mean, where TinyMCE "feels" buggy, CKEditor 10 has worked around awkward browser behavior 9 to a much greater degree, making it "feel" much 8 more solid. On the negative, if you want 7 to extend it, the documentation is relatively 6 sparse. I think this is mostly because CKEditor 5 is relatively new (its API is very different 4 from FCKEditor), and it would be reasonable 3 to expect the CK 3.0 documentation to reach 2 at least the quality of the FCK 2.0 docs 1 soon.

Score: 10

I've been using both editors since some 16 years ago... Almost always I've chosen CKeditor 15 over TinyMCE.
The reason?
Short answer:
CKEditor 14 is very stable and very easy to use and 13 has integrated the file manager (with an 12 ad, but it is no problem for me), but TinyCE 11 has not any integrated File manager.
Nevertheless, I 10 like JCE editor (for Joomla), this editor 9 is based on TinyMCE and works like a charm. It 8 has a very good implementation of File management.
If 7 you plan to use a WYSIWYG editor for a wiki, any 6 of them are ok, because you don't need a 5 filemanager (I think).
However, I recommend 4 you, based in my experience, CKeditor.

The 3 long answer is very long for this space. If 2 you want the long answer, contact me or 1 google around about this topic.

Score: 2

A cople of other Wysiwyg editors

http://imperavi.com/redactor/ (paid - actively 2 developed)

http://xinha.webfactional.com/ (updated 2010)

http://www.kevinroth.com/rte/ (updated 2010)

http://nicedit.com/ (updated 1 2008 - small fix 2012)

Score: 0

Because of the fact that my Internship has 29 something to do with the CKEditor. I have 28 been developing a lot with CKEditor the 27 last 4 months. And as my research said: If 26 we Compare TinyMCE and the CKEditor 4.x 25 There aren't any big difference. The only 24 differences are: CKEditor has a smoother 23 layout and design, CKEditor has a lot bigger 22 community (If i remember it right a difference 21 of 13k (35k vs 50k i remember, something 20 like that) and CKEditor has multiple developers. The 19 last argument is an argument that i'm not 18 sure off. But i have been told that TinyMCE 17 is being developed by only 1 or 2 persons 16 and the CKEditor by multiple (and an entire 15 community!)

If you ask me, all in favor for 14 the CKEditor.

The negative point that is 13 stated once above, that the documentation 12 isn't what it is used to be since the new 11 version. I don't really agree. The only 10 thing is that you need to read the API. With 9 JAVA (as example) you won't find a full 8 explanation neither. And the nice thing 7 is that, I and many other persons are posting 6 questions on StackOverflow. This will support 5 all the support you need. And for the basics 4 almost everything is there already!

And if 3 we have a problem, there is always one of 2 the Core developers of the CKEditor to help 1 us out ;)

Score: 0

One big bug of TinyMCE is a when you copy 4 and paste in TinyMCE then it does not manage 3 any space or tab and indent it to the beginning, so 2 TinyMCE is not good but ckeditore is a more 1 powerful editor.

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