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The test client is request-agnostic. It 16 doesn't inherently hold information about 15 what users are logged in. (Neither does 14 your actual webserver or the Django dev 13 server, either, for obvious reasons, and 12 those same reasons apply here).

login is simply 11 a convenience method on the test client 10 to essentially mimic a POST to /login/ with the 9 defined user credentials. Nothing more.

The 8 actual user is available on the request just like 7 in a view. However, since you don't have 6 direct access to the view, Django makes 5 request available on the view's response. After 4 you actually use the test client to load 3 a view, you can store the result and then 2 get the user via:


More recent versions of 1 Django will use:

Score: 40

Actually you can't access the current user 3 via a test client response.

However, you 2 can check if some user is logged in. Inspecting 1 self.client.session will do:

>>> 1

There is a more detailed answer for this.

Score: 12

I don't know which version you are using. Since 3 1.10.2, there is a wsgi_request attribute in response, it serves 2 as request object in your view.

So It's very simple 1 to get logged in user:

Score: 9

You can log in with a test user like so:

from django.contrib.auth.models import User
user = User.objects.create_user('foo', 'myemail@test.com', 'bar')
self.client.login(username='foo', password='bar')

Now, you can just use user in 1 your tests:

self.assertEqual(created_model_object.user, user)

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