[ACCEPTED]-Is it OK to use multiple inheritance with Django abstract models?-django-models

Accepted answer
Score: 22

If you use any fields at all in your class, inherit from 8 models.Model.

Otherwise Django will ignore those fields 7 (the attributes will still be there in Python, but 6 no fields will be created in the DB). Set 5 abstract = True to get "mixin" like behavior (i.e. no DB 4 tables will be created for the mixins but 3 for the models using those mixins).

If you 2 don't use any fields, you can just inherit 1 from object, to keep things plain and simple.

Score: 14

I do this all the time with my classes and 2 model classes. It's one of the best things 1 in Python, in my opinion.

Score: 7

Sounds like for what you're trying to do, mixins really 7 are the best fit. A simple google search 6 will find lots of articles on implementing 5 mixins in python, such as this one. I'm not sure 4 multiple inheritance is the best way to 3 go about doing it, so you might want to 2 explore all the other options. What else 1 have you thought about?

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