[ACCEPTED]-What does SGBD mean?-abbreviation

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Yes you're right, I confirm that in French 5 we use the abbreviation SGBD for 'Système 4 Gestion de Base de Données' (DataBase Management 3 System / DBMS) to which we can sometimes 2 add R (SGBDR) 'Système Gestion de Base de 1 Données Relationnelle' (RDBMS).

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SGBD also applies for Spanish: Sistema de Gestion de Bases de Datos.


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SGBD might also mean "Sistema de Gestão 2 de Banco de Dados" in Portuguese. Literally, "Database 1 Management System", our good old DBMS.

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A SGBD is a "Système de Gestion de Base 3 de Données" which is exactly the same as 2 a DBMS. I can't say much more since there 1 are no great translation subtlety.

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SGBD = Database System

The english acronym 2 is RDBMS (Relational database management 1 system)

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