[ACCEPTED]-Which of the cygwin mirror sites is complete?-cygwin

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Score: 10

This shouldn't be much of a problem (anymore). Below 8 the mirror list on this page it says that every mirror 7 is automatically checked at regular intervals, and 6 servers missing packages are temporarily 5 dropped from the list. It also says that 4 all mirrors should sync twice a day. I manually 3 checked a number of mirrors just now, and 2 they had all synced recently and seemed 1 to have the same content.

Score: 4

You probably want to look at this announcement 7 from the mailing list, that came out today. It 6 might explain the problems you've been seeing.

I 5 recommend subscribing to the cygwin-announce 4 mailing list if you use cygwin. You can 3 subscribe at the bottom of this page.

That said, I 2 have found kernel.org usually pretty good 1 also.

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