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The easiest way to add an image display 15 to your Jenkins project is to edit the project 14 description.

At the top of the project, on 13 the right, there's an 'edit description' button. This 12 allows you to enter HTML code that will 11 be displayed at the top of the project. Assuming 10 the image you generate has a fixed known 9 URL, you should be able to add it in here.

I've 8 seen this done, for example, with PHP projects 7 that use PDepend to generate code stats 6 graphs. In these cases, the project 'description' might 5 look something like this:

<a href='ws/build/pdepend/overview-pyramid.svg'><img src="ws/build/pdepend/overview-pyramid.svg" type="image/svg+xml" /></a>
<a href='ws/build/pdepend/dependencies.svg'><img src="ws/build/pdepend/dependencies.svg" type="image/svg+xml" /></a>

This would result 4 in the two charts being displayed at the 3 top of the project page.

(You can, of course, enter 2 a regular description text as well).

Hope 1 that helps.

Score: 1

Even after using the solution given by SDC, it 6 doesn't worked for me.

After doing some R&D, I 5 observed that it was a bug in Jenkins


and 4 resolved in 1.564 or newer.

To resolve this 3 all you have to do is Manage Jenins> Configure 2 Global Security > and select the markup 1 formatter as RAW HTML.

Score: 0

You can use Sidebar-Link Plugin for small images (icons). Otherwise 1 get Chuck Norris Plugin and customize it to your needs.

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