[ACCEPTED]-Command Line Windows Hanging in RDP Windows-rdp

Accepted answer
Score: 18

When this happens, does the window title 10 say "Select Command Prompt"? If so, hitting 9 a key will unpause it, but the keystroke 8 will also be sent to the paused program 7 unless it's ESC or enter (or possibly others). You 6 can turn this feature off by going into 5 the Command Prompt properties/defaults and 4 unchecking "QuickEdit Mode".

If that's not 3 it, you'll have to post more information 2 about your build process. What is your build 1 system written in (make, scons, jam, msbuild, etc.)?

Score: 7

One thing to watch out for in command line 7 Windows; if you have QuickEdit Mode enabled 6 (click on icon in title bar, Properties..., Options 5 tab) you can highlight and copy with the 4 mouse, bypassing the Edit menu. Stray mouse 3 clicks in the window highlight the character 2 underneath and the console will appear to 1 "hang" until a key is pressed.

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