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Assuming your model is User and the field 3 you want to use is a list of US states (for 2 example)...

In your controller:


and in your 1 view:

<?php echo $form->input('User.state',array('type'=>'select','options'=>$states)); ?>
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Here is the code to display a select dropdown.

<?php echo $form->input('inputname', array('type'=>'select', 'options'=>$cate, 'label'=>false, 'empty'=>'Category')); ?>

where 3 $cate is loaded with an array from a find('list') in 2 the format

array(0 => 'option1', 1=>'option2', etc 1 etc etc

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    echo $form->input('inputname', array('options'=>$arrCategory, 'label'=>false,
                                  'empty'=>'Category','selected'=>'Your Value')); 


Score: 1

please use

    //In controller

In View :



Score: 1

You can use like this in your controller 3 and view...

//In Controller:

//In View:

    echo $this->Form->select('field_name',$data,null,array("escape"=>false,"empty"=>"select"));

If you want to show initially 2 select value in dropdown then you can pass 1 value where use null in above line.

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In controller:

$Itemgroup = $this->Itemgroup->find('list',
    'fields' => array('ID','Description')


In View:

$form->input('itemgroup_id', array('type' => 'select','options'=> $Itemgroup));


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If it's something like a "US States" dropdown 4 list that is going to be repeated from page 3 to page, consider using an Element, which you can 2 just pass data to and you won't have to 1 repeat all the UI code again.

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This is the right solution in my opinion: of 1 choices from column SET or ENUM type

* @param string $sColumn - col name
* @param string $sTable - if use other table as Model
* @return array 
function fGetArrayFromSQLSet($sColumn, $sTable=null) {

    # Pokud neni urcena tabulka, pouzij tabulku modelu
    if( !$sTable ) {
        $sTable= $this->useTable;

    # Nacti nastaveni daneho pole dane tabulky
    $tmpHlaseno=$this->query("SELECT COLUMN_TYPE
                    FROM information_schema.columns
                    WHERE TABLE_NAME = '$sTable'
                        AND COLUMN_NAME = '$sColumn'
        "); //db($tmpHlaseno);
    $tmpList= $tmpHlaseno[0]['columns']['COLUMN_TYPE']; 

    # Ziskej hodnoty z nastaveni a uloz je do pole
    $sTmp= str_replace(')', '', str_replace('set(', '', str_replace('enum(', '', $tmpList)));
    $aTmp= explode(',', str_replace("'", '', $sTmp));
    foreach( $aTmp as $value ) {
        $aSetList[$value]= $value;
    }   //db($aSetList);

    return $aSetList;   
}       // END of fGetArrayFromSQLSet 
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Using CakePHP 3.6

$fruits = ['1'=>'orange','2'=>'melon','3'=>'lemon','4'=>'apple'];
echo $this->Form->control('Fruit', ['options'=>$fruits, 'label'=>"select your fruit", 'value'=>'lemon']);

Your dropdownlist will 3 come with 'lemon' selected by default.

This 2 code will produce the following html:

<div class="input select">
  <label for="Fruit">select your fruit</label>
  <select name="Fruit" id="Fruit">
    <option value="1">orange</option>
    <option value="2">melon</option>
    <option value="3">lemon</option>
    <option value="4">apple</option>

You 1 can find more info here:

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