[ACCEPTED]-open source text to speech library-text-to-speech

Accepted answer
Score: 19

Festival is an open source text-to-speech system.

Stanford 10 uses it for their Natural Language Processing 9 class, and they have up-to-date instructions 8 about installation on this cs224s homework page. Installation 7 on Mac OS X requires a couple patches, which 6 they've wrapped into a handy install script.

There are 5 alternate voices you can use which sound 4 noticeably better than the stock ones. You can find 3 information on these voices in this forum 2 post: How to setup more realistic voices in Festival. Those instructions are for Ubuntu, but 1 the voices work with any Festival installation.

Score: 17

you can go for Festival worked nice for me.


Score: 8

I have used flite in an embedded server. It has 2 a small footprint and comes with a single 1 voice

Score: 7

eSpeak is another lightweight TTS. More robotty 1 than Festival.

Score: 2

Hey what about MARY? It looks so awesome to 9 me which one should we push further for 8 open source enterprise computer or androids 7 or whatever? We need to strenghten efforts 6 by shifting all open source resources to 5 the best/most promising we have so far.

Anyone 4 experiences with MARY TTS? Or does it have 3 a flaw (because noone mentioned it before)? More 2 links:

http://www.babelfish.org/tts-free.htm. https://www.cereproc.com/en/support/live_demo http://www.digitalfuturesoft.com/dfttssdk.php (also provides ARM version, like 1 MARY + Festival)

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