[ACCEPTED]-Is there a faster and object orientated alternative to SDL for C++?-libraries

Accepted answer
Score: 26

SFML is exactly what you need: http://sfml-dev.org/.

Skim through 2 the tutorials, you'll see that it's way 1 easier and more powerful than SDL.

Score: 6

There is SFML : http://www.sfml-dev.org/


Score: 2

Or... just use OpenGL on top of SDL.


Score: 1

GLFW. It only tries to do one thing (window 8 creation/input handling). It is C based 7 and pretty easy to use provides bindings 6 for several languages.

SFML does all that 5 and also provides an API for audio, fonts, and 4 networking. It's nativity a C++ API but 3 provides bindings for several languages.

There 2 are other thousands of options: SDL (older), Unity 1 and UDK if you want to create a game, ...

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