[ACCEPTED]-ASCII Art comments in C/C++ headers and code files-sublimetext

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Score: 13

Recently, when I was searching something 9 in my .php file with list of routes for 8 a site, I've decided to make such big ASCII 7 comments. And now, I use them (not in all 6 source files, but for example in long config 5 files), and these comments really help to 4 navigate.

Here is how it looks in my Sublime 3 Minimap:

enter image description here

So far, I didn't automate the process of 2 creating such comments. I use online ASCII 1 creator from this site. I use font "basic"

Score: 11

Yes I use to add those kinds of "nav" cues. Specially 12 in communication parts which has many similar 11 parts but handle i.e. different message 10 types.

I work on a Mac so here goes my setup.

Previously 9 I used a dashboard widget http://memention.com/figlet/

But my latest 8 thing is to create a Service with Automator 7 and install figlet with homebrew. Then in the 6 Service I have this one-liner (also clicked 5 "Output replaces selected text")

/usr/local/bin/figlet -f smslant -w 132

Now 4 in any App I can have figlets just by right-clicking 3 some text.

My preferred font is smslant

Then I usually 2 just add /* and */ after.


Well, I just updated 1 my Service to add that C comment

( echo "/*" ; /usr/local/bin/figlet -f smslant -w 132 ; echo " */" )
Score: 8

NO. I don't use such things and would find 3 such things worse than useless. Screen 2 = bandwidth. Wasting space like this decreases 1 code readability.

||\   ||   /      \
|| \  ||   |      |
||  \ ||   |      |
||   \||   \______/


Score: 4

If you're using SublimeText, I suggest to 4 try ASCII Decorator. It's easy to install it, it doesn't 3 require anything else than Sublime and it 2 works on every OS. Plus, it has a lot of 1 nice fonts!

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