[ACCEPTED]-Can functions accept abstract base classes as arguments?-abstract-class

Accepted answer
Score: 25

You cannot pass an Animal object to the derived 8 class function because you cannot create 7 an object of Animal class et all, it is an Abstract class.
If 6 an class contains atleast one pure virtual 5 function(speak()) then the class becomes an Abstract 4 class and you cannot create any objects 3 of it. However, You can create pointers 2 or references and pass them to it. You can 1 pass an Animal pointer or reference to the method.

void speakTo(Animal* animal) 

int main()
    Animal *ptr = new Dog();

    delete ptr;   //Don't Forget to do this whenever you use new()
    return 0;
Score: 13

You will need to pass a reference instead 1 of a copy:

void speakTo(Animal& animal) {

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