[ACCEPTED]-QAction shortcut doesnt always work-action

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You need to add the action to a widget, since 6 it's the widget that will be listening for 5 key events. Assuming "this" is a mainwindow, simply 4 do


Note that you can add the same action 3 to multiple widgets (that's the whole point 2 of the separated action concept). So it's 1 fine to add it to the mainwindow and to a menu.

Score: 8

Try changing the shortcut context of the action, for example:



Score: 1

The shortcut works depending on the focus 7 of the application views.
I wanted to have 6 shortcuts working on buttons.
In my application 5 I changed the shortcut context of the action,
added 4 the action to the widget
and finally to 3 the subviews of the application.
Then the 2 necessary signals and slots of widget an 1 action must be connected.

const QAbstractButton*button = dynamic_cast(widget);

if (button)
    if (button->isCheckable())
        if (button->isChecked()) action->setChecked(true);
        connect(action, SIGNAL(triggered(bool)), button, SLOT(setChecked(bool)));
        connect(button, SIGNAL(clicked(bool)), action, SLOT(setChecked(bool)));
        connect(action, SIGNAL(triggered()), button, SLOT(click()));
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Without seeing the complete code, I'd hazard 4 a guess that somewhere it gets enabled/disabled. Make 3 sure that the shortcut is getting hit in 2 the constructor and not 'disabled' somewhere 1 else because of a setting perhaps.

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You can use http://doc.qt.io/qt-5/qaction.html#shortcutVisibleInContextMenu-prop property since QT 5.10 for 1 this:

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You're right, the button is enabled or disabled 4 somewhere else. Unfortunately the action 3 has to be enabled or disabled too. The button 2 owns the action, so this is possible with 1 a little extra code.

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