[ACCEPTED]-Is a blank return statement at the end of a function whos return type is void necessary?-gnu

Accepted answer
Score: 18

No; that is not needed.

You only need to 2 write return; if you want to return early and skip 1 the rest of the function.

Score: 2

You are correct, return; is never needed in a function 1 that is not breaking out of itself early.

Score: 2

Return is explicit. It conveys that the 9 author clearly understood that there was 8 no value to return.

BTW - there should only 7 be one return allowed, but that is another 6 discussion (so don't answer it here!!).

Also, from 5 a code maintenance point of view, "return;" provides 4 a convenient spot to add a value, if the 3 function is ever changed from void.

Leave 2 it in! The object is not to see who can 1 write the function with the fewest lines.

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