[ACCEPTED]-__do_global_dtors_aux and __do_global_ctors_aux-elf

Accepted answer
Score: 22

The addresses of constructors and destructors of static objects 11 are each stored in a different section in 10 ELF executable. for the constructors there is a section 9 called .CTORS and for the destructors there is 8 the .DTORS section.

the compiler creates two 7 auxillary functions __do_global_ctors_aux and __do_global_dtors_aux for calling the 6 constructors and destructors of these static 5 objects, respectively.

__do_global_ctors_aux function simply performs 4 a walk on the .CTORS section, while the __do_global_dtors_aux does 3 the same job only for the .DTORS section which 2 contains the program specified destructors 1 functions.

Score: 11

They are auxiliary functions added by the 11 compiler to construct and destroy static 10 objects.


std::vector<int> some_global;

int main() { return 0; }

some_global needs to be actually constructed 9 (and destructed) somewhere, and C++ guarantees 8 that construction happens before main. One way 7 to do this is to emit a function that happens 6 before main, which constructs global objects, and 5 another function that happens after main to 4 destroy them.

If you stuck a breakpoint inside 3 the std::vector constructor and ran this program, the 2 stack trace would show you the function 1 that it was being initialised from.

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