[ACCEPTED]-Understanding virtual base classes and constructor calls-base-class

Accepted answer
Score: 10

There is always just one constructor call, and 14 always of the actual, concrete class that 13 you instantiate. It is your responsibility to 12 endow each derived class with a constructor 11 which calls the base classes' constructors 10 if and as necessary, as you did in B's constructor.

Update: Sorry 9 for missing your main point! Thanks to ildjarn.

However, your 8 B inherits virtually from A. According to the standard 7 (10.1.4 in the FIDS), "for each distinct 6 baseclass that is specified virtual, the 5 most derived object shall contain a single 4 base class subobject of that type". In your 3 case this means that when constructing the 2 base, your class F immediately calls A's default 1 constructor, not B's.

Score: 7

Virtual base classes are always constructed by 1 the most derived class.

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