[ACCEPTED]-How expensive are dynamic casts in C++?-dynamic-cast

Accepted answer
Score: 26

1200 dynamic_casts per second is not likely to be a 9 major performance problem. Are you doing 8 one dynamic_cast per image, or a whole sequence of if statements 7 until you find the actual type?

If you're 6 worried about performance, the fastest ways 5 to implement polymorphism are:

  • --- fastest ---
  • Function overloading (compile-time polymorphism only)
  • CRTP (compile-time polymorphism only)
  • Tags, switches and static casts (brittle, doesn't support multi-level inheritance, a maintenance headache so not recommended for unstable code)
  • Virtual functions
  • Visitor pattern (inverted virtual function)
  • --- almost as fast ---

In your situation, the 4 visitor pattern is probably the best choice. It's 3 two virtual calls instead of one, but allows 2 you to keep the algorithm implementation 1 separate from the image data structure.

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