[ACCEPTED]-How to add WTL and ATL to visual studio c++ express 2008-wtl

Accepted answer
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ATL 7.1 is now part of the Windows Driver Kit.


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ATL was only included in older versions 8 of the SDK. Recent versions of ATL share 7 much code with MFC and are only available 6 with the real versions of Visual Studio, i.e. not 5 with VS Express.

So: to use ATL and/or MFC, you 4 need to buy the Professional version of 3 Visual Studio. If you are content with old 2 versions of ATL, you can download old versions 1 of the platform SDK from the Microsoft website.

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In his modified script, replace VisualStudio 1 to VCExpress.

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You'll need to download the platform SDK 5 and muck around with some dependencies to 4 get ATL.

There might be some more "unsavory" ways 3 to get MFC ;) if you catch my drift. Also 2 many institutions have educational VS licenses 1 which are free.

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You just need to install Windows Platform 1 SDK as described here

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