[ACCEPTED]-A Good C++ Library for SOAP-soap

Accepted answer
Score: 17

Check out Apache Axis. That is my all times favorite 3 SOAP implementation. It's SOAP done right! Exists 2 for C++ and Java.
And in best traditions 1 of Apache Foundation, it is FREE and OPENSOURCE.
So, enjoy!

Score: 8

I had to make SOAP calls for a project a 8 while ago and the only acceptable solution 7 I found was GSOAP.


It supports both C and 6 C++ code, although working with C++ is nicer 5 and easier to understand. It worked ok although 4 there was an incompatibility with our WCF 3 web service which meant we had to manually 2 edit the automagically generated source 1 code.

Score: 6

I stumbled on gsoap awhile ago, but I wasn't 11 a huge fan of its interface and code generator. And 10 as I remember it, the documentation is significantly 9 lacking (or at least in a very difficult 8 format).

Sometime in the near future, though, this library may 7 be adding sockets support. At least, I suggested 6 it to the developer some time ago and he 5 seemed to think it was the idea, and a few 4 months later an XML parser showed up in 3 the API. I'm a big fan of that library, and 2 would definitely use it more if it wasn't 1 GPL.

Score: 6

If you are writing for Windows, Microsoft 4 has a utility that comes with the Windows 3 7 SDK (And visual studio 2013 and later) called 2 WSUTIL. It generates C proxies given a 1 WDSL file, as shown in this example.


Score: 5

KD Soap if you are in Qt C++. This is the 1 URL https://www.kdab.com/kd-soap/

Score: 3

SmartWin++ have a side-project called SmartSOAP which 13 is pretty neat I think, it features a pretty 12 complete stack starting from SocketStream, working 11 its way up to HttpRequest/Response objects. Features 10 a small (to the job) XML DOM class abstraction 9 and goes up to SOAP. It even comes with 8 a WSDL parser to create proxy classes for 7 you. It heavily uses templates and STL. And 6 is pretty awesome C++. Works on Windows 5 Mobile...

Though it isn't extremely rich, doesn't 4 feature stuff like SSL and such. But since 3 the code is pure art I would guess it could 2 easily be understood and extended upon yourself...

License 1 is New BSD...

Disclaimer; I implemented it...

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