[ACCEPTED]-Spline, B-Spline and NURBS C++ library-graphics

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I know I'm answering months after this question 5 was asked, but for others who might be searching 4 for a similar answer, I'll point out openNURBS.

OpenNURBS 3 also happens to be the library used in the 2 modeling package Rhinoceros. It's a very complete 1 library and it's worth consideration.

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1.) For B Splines - You should check Numerical 3 Recipes in C (there is book for that and 2 it is also available online for reference)

2.) Also 1 check: sourceforge.net/projects/einspline/ & this


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This library may also be promising: http://libnurbs.sourceforge.net


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Eigen Spline is based on the famous (fast) C++ template 1 library for linear algebra.

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An excellent library that is also supplemented 12 by an online book is from MIT. Here is the 11 (hyper)book http://web.mit.edu/hyperbook/Patrikalakis-Maekawa-Cho/mathe.html

and in the bottom of the link 10 you will find the related software, here: http://web.mit.edu/hyperbook/Patrikalakis-Maekawa-Cho/software.html

GSL 9 has a nice very basic b-spline implementation, but 8 it does not include NURBS curves neither 7 algorithms for inserting/removing knots, or 6 several more advanced things. You can also 5 find many useful algorithms that you can 4 compile in your own language in the book, "The 3 NURBS book", Piegl & Tiller, this 2 one: http://www.amazon.com/NURBS-Book-Monographs-Visual-Communication/dp/3540615458

Numerical Recipes do not include 1 support for b-splines.

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SISL seems to be a good NURBS library (under 2 the AGPL licence). It is part of GoTools which 1 can be cloned here.

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vspline is a free, open source B-spline library. It's 6 comprehensive and fast, with additional 5 code to efficiently process nD raster data 4 like images and volumes. It's header-only 3 C++ template metacode in C++11 standard, with 2 few external dependencies. There is also 1 a debian package of the same name.

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