[ACCEPTED]-C++ vs C# for GUI programming-c++

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If you have to debate on using C# or C++ then 10 the correct answer is probably C#. I would 9 stay away from a low level language like 8 C++ unless you absolutely have to as the 7 amount of time required to develop/debug 6 with it will be much greater. C# has a lot 5 of GUI functionality that it harnesses from 4 the .NET framework. There isn't a lot you 3 can't do with it right out of the box as 2 opposed to C++ which you'll have to hand 1 code a lot of functionality.

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If you are developing a Windows application 10 I'd suggest using C# and the .Net Framework 9 as they are the 'native' solution. Using 8 QT is just going to add complexity as it's 7 a cross-platform library and has additional 6 concerns therein. I'd also suspect the support 5 for the .Net Framework is likely to be greater 4 and more widespread.

The overarching question 3 would be, which programming language are 2 you most familiar with. If there is a Windows 1 compiler for it then use that!

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Use .NET if your only target is Windows. It 8 is much more productive and you have better 7 IDE support for development of GUI. The 6 disadvantage is that you need to have .NET 5 framework installed on the machine your 4 application will run on.

If you consider 3 going cross platform, or you think you master 2 Qt (and C++) more than .NET, then go on 1 with Qt.

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I'd prefer C#.. In some cases is easier 3 to distribute (windows 7 comes with .NET). Microsoft 2 showed that the future is in WPF, so why 1 wait to adopt it

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Choose the GUI toolkit based on your requirements, then 6 choose the language.

if QT fits the bill, then 5 C++, if WinForms looks good, C#, if MFC 4 (and the new feature pack) is good enough, C++ ....

Also, depending 3 on your skill (and the skill of your team) of 2 one language or the other, your decision 1 might be easier.

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What are the requirements? If the performance 1 is not an issue then I would go with C#.

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I think the question should be using c++, .net 5 winforms or wpf.

You will never use c# lonely 4 to build it, you will use the IDE.

If you 3 need something visual I should use wpf, otherwise 2 I would use .net winforms. You can mix them 1 too.


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One other option you may want to consider 2 is gtksharp if you want to use c# but would like 1 to target multiple platforms.

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