[ACCEPTED]-Best way to wait for TcpClient data to become available?-tcpclient

Accepted answer
Score: 27

Absolutely! Just call Read(...) on the stream. That 15 will block until data is available. Unless 14 you really have to use the TcpClient directly, I'd normally 13 do as much as possible on the stream. If 12 you want to use the socket, just call Receive(byte[]) which 11 will block until data is available (or the 10 socket is closed).

Now if you don't want 9 to block, you can use Stream.BeginRead or Socket.BeginReceive to work asynchronously. (Or 8 ReadAsync as of .NET 4.5.)

I personally find Available to be 7 pretty much useless (on both streams and 6 sockets) and looping round with a sleep 5 is definitely inefficient - you don't want 4 to have to context switch the thread when 3 data hasn't come in, and you don't want 2 to have to wait for the sleep to finish 1 when data has come in.

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