[ACCEPTED]-C# Combo box value change, what Event should I use to write update the registry?-combobox

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Well regardless of what you will end up 9 doing with the value when selected, it is 8 safe to use the SelectionChangeCommitted event.

Here is a little 7 follow up info on this event vs the other 6 commonly used events. (from MSDN)

SelectionChangeCommitted 5 is raised only when the user changes the 4 combo box selection. Do not use SelectedIndexChanged 3 or SelectedValueChanged to capture user changes, because 2 those events are also raised when the 1 selection changes programmatically.

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I usually use the SelectedIndexChanged event to check when a 1 user selects a value in a combobox

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You can Use this event. "SelectionChangeCommitted"

private void ChangedCommitted_Click(object 1 sender, EventArgs e) {
enter code here }

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