[ACCEPTED]-Access memory address in c#-activex

Accepted answer
Score: 11

You can use Marshal.Copy to copy the data from native 3 memory into an managed array. This way you 2 can then use the data in managed code without 1 using unsafe code.

Score: 8

I highly suggest you use an IntPtr and Marshal.Copy. Here 8 is some code to get you started. memAddr 7 is the memory address you are given, and 6 bufSize is the size.

IntPtr bufPtr = new IntPtr(memAddr);
byte[] data = new byte[bufSize];
Marshal.Copy(bufPtr, data, 0, bufSize);

This doesn't require 5 you to use unsafe code which requires the 4 the /unsafe compiler option and is not verifiable 3 by the CLR.

If you need an array of something 2 other than bytes, just change the second 1 line. Marshal.Copy has a bunch of overloads.

Score: 3

I think you are looking for the IntPtr type. This 3 type (when used within an unsafe block) will allow 2 you to use the memory handle from the ActiveX 1 component.

Score: 1

C# can use pointers. Just use the 'unsafe' keyword 7 in front of your class, block, method, or 6 member variable (not local variables). If 5 a class is marked unsafe all member variables 4 are unsafe as well.

unsafe class Foo


unsafe int FooMethod


Then you can use pointers 3 with * and & just like C.

I don't know 2 about ActiveX Components in the same address 1 space.

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