[ACCEPTED]-List of #pragma warning disable codes and what they mean-pragma

Accepted answer
Score: 42

MSDN has a list of warning codes. Unfortunately, you have 2 to click each link to view what the code 1 actually means.

Score: 14

You shouldn't need a list. The compiler 3 will tell you. If you get a compiler error 2 that says "warning CS0168", then add 168 1 to the list (or, better yet, fix the code).

Score: 7

Look down the list of C# compiler errors and warnings to find the individual warning 1 numbers.

Score: 3


If you're using Visual Studio 2008, you 6 can get the code directly from the Error List by right-clicking the error, and selecting 5 Show Error Help from the context menu. The Help window 4 should pop up, and show you everything you 3 ever wanted to know about the error a la 2 the MSDN website.

Could save you a bit of 1 time.

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