[ACCEPTED]-Help: How to enable Windows Authentication on ASP.NET Development Server?-iis

Accepted answer
Score: 11

In order to configure IIS Express security 1 settings:

  1. look for the IIS express symbol in the taskbar (system tray).
  2. Right click and select "All Applications".
  3. Click on the name of the site you want to change (although I believe the change is site wide)
  4. Click on the path in the config section below (it will open the applicationhost.config file)
  5. Search for the authentication section and make your changes

Example changes can be found here:


Score: 4

ASP.Net Development Server is very limited. It 11 only serves requests originating from the 10 same machine that it is running on, and 9 it will not serve files that are outside 8 of its application scope. It is based on 7 the Cassini server. Cassini does not support 6 WCF web services. Documentation for ASP.Net 5 Development Server says that it does support 4 NTLM. If you are just browsing to a page 3 from the local machine it should work fine 2 unless the page is referencing an unavailable 1 resource.

check out http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/58wxa9w5.aspx for more info.

Score: 2

I would install and configure IIS on your 10 local dev machine and use that in preference 9 to using the inbuilt webserver. To use local 8 IIS to debug select "User Local IIS web 7 server" on the web tab of the project properties. Using 6 IIS rather than the inbuilt webserver also 5 means that you can configure your app in 4 exactly the same way as it will be configured 3 on the production server and this will reduce 2 the no of potential surprises when you move 1 to the production environment.

Score: 2

The solution to my authorization issue was 3 to go into the F4 project properties and 2 set the following:

Anonymous Authentication: Disabled

Windows Authentication: Enabled

Apparently these properties 1 update the IIS applicationHost.config directly.


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