[ACCEPTED]-Difference Between Transaction and TransactionScope-transactionscope

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From msdn :

The TransactionScope class provides 18 a simple way to mark a block of code as participating 17 in a transaction, without requiring you to interact with the transaction itself. A transaction scope 16 can select and manage the ambient transaction automatically. Due 15 to its ease of use and efficiency, it 14 is recommended that you use the TransactionScope 13 class when developing a transaction application. When you instantiate TransactionScope, the transaction manager determines which transaction to participate in. Once 12 determined, the scope always participates 11 in that transaction. The decision is based 10 on two factors: whether an ambient transaction 9 is present and the value of the TransactionScopeOption parameter 8 in the constructor. The ambient transaction 7 is the transaction within which your code 6 executes. You can obtain a reference to 5 the ambient transaction by calling the 4 static Current property of the Transaction class.

You 3 can read more about that here :



Great (a 2 bit old) article about transaction in .NET 1 2.0


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