[ACCEPTED]-What is the difference between "service" and "component"?-c#

Accepted answer
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A service can be made up of several components. Usually 7 a service provides one complete feature 6 that is made up by combining different components.

The 5 service's user don't need to know anything 4 about the underlying components. User will 3 deal only directly with the service while 2 service internally will be interacting with 1 the components

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Services are applications that are (generally) designed 10 to be long running, tied to the operations 9 of the system rather than a user and provide 8 a utility to other applications. Databases, SMTP, Active 7 Directory are all examples of "Services".

Components are 6 pre-formed pieces that can be included in 5 other applications and are not designed 4 to operate 'on their own'. An application 3 that references a database my use a data 2 component (SQLClient) to communicate with 1 a date base service (MS SQL Server).

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services have only provide interface that 8 allow to access the functionality of service 7 and also they are used remotely using some 6 mechanism of message communication model 5 like Remote Procedure call where as Components 4 have both Provide and require interface 3 to communicate with the other component 2 in order to perform the intended functionality 1 and they are used locally

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