[ACCEPTED]-C# Call Graph Generation Tool-call-graph

Accepted answer
Score: 21

NDepend is pretty good at this. Additionally Visual 4 Studio 2008 Team System has a bunch of features 3 that allow you to keep track of cyclomatic 2 complexity but its much more basic than 1 NDepend. (Run code analysis)

Score: 10

Concerning NDepend, it can produce some 3 usable call graph like for example (image 2 full size here)

alt text

Find more explanations about 1 NDepend call graph here.

Score: 8

It's bit late, but http://sequenceviz.codeplex.com/ is an awesome tool that 3 shows the caller graph/Sequence diagram. The 2 diagrams are generated by reverse engineering 1 .NET Assemblies.

Score: 6

I've used doxygen to some success. It's a little 1 confusing, but free and it works.

Score: 6

As of today (June 2017), the best tool in 5 class is Resharper's Inspect feature. It 4 allows you to find all incoming calls, outgoing 3 calls, value origin/destination, etc.

The 2 best part of ReSharper, compared to other 1 tools mentioned above: it's less buggy.

Score: 5

Visual Studio 2010.

Plus, on a method-by-method basis - Reflector 2 (Analyzer (Ctrl+R); "Depends On" and 1 "Used By")

Score: 4

SequenceViz and DependencyStructureMatrix 1 for Reflector might help you out: http://www.codeplex.com/reflectoraddins

Score: 2

I'm not sure if it will do it over just 3 source code, but ANTS Profiler will produce a call graph 2 for a running application (may be more useful 1 anyway).

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