[ACCEPTED]-Overriding (cast)-casting

Accepted answer
Score: 29

You must implement a explicit or implicit operator.

class Imp_A : AbsBase
   public static explicit operator Imp_B(Imp_A a)
      Imp_B b = new Imp_B();

      // Do things with b

      return b;

Now you 1 can do the following.

Imp_A a = new Imp_A();
Imp_B b = (Imp_B) a;
Score: 2

I'd suggest you write Imp_B like this, if 6 possible:

class Imp_B : Imp_A
    private int A;
    private int B;
    private int C;
    private int D;
    private int lastE { get { return this.E.Last(); } }

If you can't actually derive from 5 ImpB, it's impossible for you to "treat" a 4 ImpA object as an ImpB transparently the 3 way you'd like, because they just aren't 2 the same thing in memory. So, implement 1 an explicit conversion.

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