[ACCEPTED]-is it possible to edit code while debugging in visual studio, like in eclipse (java)-debugging

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Yes, it's called "Edit and Continue", in 15 Tools | Options under Debugging. Note that it's not compatible with 14 IntelliTrace, so you have to disable that if you're 13 using it. (Thank you Anton Semenov for that info.)

Edit: If you're using a really old 12 version (the original VS.Net, as opposed 11 to VS.Net 2005 or later), it was pretty 10 fiddly about this (or didn't have it, I 9 can't quite recall; I just remember being 8 frustrated). But if you're using VS.Net 7 2005 or later, in my experience, it's enabled 6 by default and works very well. When execution 5 is paused (and you said you'd hit a breakpoint, so...), you 4 can make quite a variety of changes and 3 the environment will happily compile them 2 and continue. Make sure all of the projects 1 you want to debug are in the solution.

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In general, it is possible, but you have 5 to make sure you are compiling your project 4 to x86 platform.

For this, right click on the 3 project name in the Solution Explorer, go to Build and set the 2 Platform Target to x86.

Of course, in order to be able to 1 edit a file, the execution need to be paused (in a breakpoint, for example)

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yes you can update code in debug mode. Set 4 the break point to the point which u want 3 to edit . When the execution comes to this 2 point then edit your code then press f5. It 1 will take the changes.

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Yes, it's called "Edit and Continue", in 3 Tools | Options under Debugging. Note that 2 it's not compatible with IntelliTrace

win10 1 can turn on IntelliTrace

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