[ACCEPTED]-Is there support for a POP3 client using C# in the .Net Framework?-.net-3.5

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Have a look at this project: http://sourceforge.net/projects/hpop/ on SourceForge.

It 1 is a free, open source .NET Class library in C# for communicating with POP3 Servers(retrieve/delete messages and attachments). Supports decoding files in Base64/QP encoding, including attachemnts, MS-TNEF format, and MS mht file. Compiles on Mono, DotGNU and .NET framework

Score: 10

A new option (as of 2014) is MailKit from Xamarin, available 4 under the MIT license. It parses messages 3 from disk 25x faster than OpenPOP.NET. It 2 includes support of IMAP, POP3, and SMTP 1 and seems to be very fast and robust.

Score: 4

No direct support, there are quite a third 4 party options out there commercial and even 3 some free.

I like: http://www.aspnetpop3.com/

But nowadays there are 2 a lot of alternatives which might be better 1 for your needs (or cost less).

Score: 2

No. Go look at the Pop3MailClient project at CodeProject.


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I've tried mailmergelib, Indy.Sockets and 8 OpenPOP for a project I just finished, I ended 7 up using OpenPOP.

mailmergelib: Was not able to find 6 any documentation on how to download a message 5 with attachements

Indy.Sockets: Was able to create a 4 code, but it didn't work with the mails 3 I have. Last version is pretty old.

OpenPOP: It 2 just works! It's class has a good and easy 1 logic. Can highly recommend it

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