[ACCEPTED]-VB.NET equivalent of C# property shorthand?-language-features

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There is no shorthand for Visual Studio 5 2008 or prior for VB.NET.

In Visual Studio 4 2010 and beyond, you can use the following 3 shorthand:

public property FirstName as String

This will be handled as your short 2 version in C# is - I think they call it 1 "Auto Property"

See also: Auto-Implemented Properties (Visual Basic)

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In Visual Studio 2008, after typing just 5 the keyword Property, press the Tab key. It'll paste 4 a template snippet for you which you can 3 fill very quickly.

But yeah, there is not 2 a replacement of a Visual Basic 10-type 1 shortcut in Visual Basic 9.

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Unfortunately, Visual Basic 9 (which ships 2 with .NET 3.5/Visual Studio 2008) does not 1 have automatic properties.

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