[ACCEPTED]-ReportViewer page orientation-reporting

Accepted answer
Score: 13

You can create a PageSettings object, set 3 the properties of that to landscape A4 paper 2 size, and assign that to the Report Viewer 1 instance. For example:

System.Drawing.Printing.PageSettings ps = new System.Drawing.Printing.PageSettings();
ps.Landscape = true;
ps.PaperSize = new System.Drawing.Printing.PaperSize("A4", 827, 1170);
ps.PaperSize.RawKind = (int)System.Drawing.Printing.PaperKind.A4;
Score: 4

I tried this a couple of years back. The 4 'easiest' way to change orientation was 3 simply change the size. (i.e: portrait A4 2 is 210 × 297 mm and landscape is 297 x 210 1 mm)

Score: 2

if you are using visual studio 2012 you 2 can go to report property, page setup then 1 you can choose the orientation of the page.

Score: 2

Finding that report property was a pain 5 for me because I could not see that "wrench" icon 4 on the reporting bar (which can be open 3 by right clicking on an empty area at the 2 header and clicking "Reports".

Once you get 1 there, change the Orientation to landscape.

Score: 0

Easy: In properties (right click - report 4 properties) change the page orientation. And 3 resize the report design to 11 inches width, you 2 can use the ruler (right click - view - ruler) to 1 do it

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